Jutta SemmelhaacK exhibits

at atelier Lieve Ulburghs from 2nd to 17th October

Jutta Sammelhaack at Edegem


New works of Luciana

API members Christiane Riethaeve and Sylviane Gaussin

exhibit their recent works at La Maison Espagnole at Tervuren



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from 17/9 to 1/10 2016

Vernissage Saturday 17 September 2016 at 17h, GCC den Blank, Begijnhof 11, 3090 Overijse

Participating artists:

Marcelle Cacheco, Amilcar da Costa, Gina Dittel, Christian Donck, Sylviane Gaussin, Marie-Agnès Le Guen, Kaitie Morou, Karin Loi, Christiane Riethaeve, Alain Smeyers, Lis Smith, Anne Steicke Glinos, Denise Tackels, Patricia Veranneman

Dates: from Saturday 17 September 2016 from 17h to Saturday 1 October 17h

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 11h to 22h, Sunday from 11h to 18h.

Venue GCC den Blank, Begijnhof 11, 3090 Overijse

Vernissage: great success.! Very high level of art works.

img_3743 img_3729 img_3727



Ground floor Entry Hall



Christian Donck, detail


Patricia Veranneman


Amilcar Da Costa

img_3751Alain Smeyers

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Sylviane Gaussin

Blandine Vercryussen

Anne Tsilibaris

Christiane Riethaeve

Luciana Mathioudakis

SULB Culture Expo-vente Grèce Afficheix members of API took part to the exhibition organised by UCL Culture that is taking place at Salle Alliende until the 25th June 2016.

The exhibition vernissage was opend by the recteur of the university Prof    Didier Viviers    and attended by many art amateurs.

The organizers announced that works worth€15,000 had been sold during the vernissage.



Invitation to Sylviane Gaussin group exhibition



EN   Art perspectives International – API – is an active group of some 35 artists from all over Europe and even further. They come from countries as distant and different as Finland and Malta; the USA and Azerbaijan. API gets together regularly to discuss art and art related topics – and they do art together. They inspire and get inspired. Their artistic agenda is wide and without prejudice: topics vary from the traditions of icon painting to learning about graffiti and street art. The artists of API use a variety of techniques and media including painting, sculpture, photography, glasswork, collage and jewelry. Their works are both traditional and contemporary. New members are welcome.

IMG_1036 019 2013_01FR   Art perspectives International – API – est un groupe d’une trentaine d’artistes, originaires de tous les coins du monde. Ils viennent de pays aussi éloignés et opposés géographiquement que la Finlande et Malte, les Etats-Unis d’Amérique et l’Azerbaïdjan. Les membres d’API se retrouvent régulièrement pour échanger des idées concernant des sujets actuels artistiques et pour travailler ensemble. Ils échangent leurs inspirations et leur approche est sans préjugée : on parle aussi bien de la peinture traditionnelle d’icônes, que de « street art ».

Les travaux des artistes du groupe couvrent un large éventail de techniques, en commençant par les formes plus traditionnelles de l’expression artistique comme la peinture, la sculpture et la photographie et en passant par la verrerie, le collage et la création de bijoux –  leur approche peut être traditionnelle ou contemporaine.


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Carol Youngner open day atelier

Carol atelier (3) Carol atelier (2) Carol atelier (1)

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Luciana Mathioudakis Kaitie Morou at Espace Periple


Luciana and Kaitie  exhibit their recent works at Espace Periple, rue Froissart 115, 1040 Bruxelles, next to the European Council,  from the 27th February to the 21st March 2015.

IMG_5978 IMG_5991 IMG_5993 IMG_6011 IMG_6029


Dialogues 2

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Karin Thompson exhibition

Karin Thompson

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ART SHOPPING WOLUWE 23-28 mars 2015

Blandine Vercruyssen et Sylviane Gussin will exhibit their works at Art Shopping Woluwe

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684Art Perspectives International is a group of artists coming from a large variety of backgrounds living and working in Brussels.

Artistic disciplines of present members can range from the most common ones, like oil painting and watercolour to some unusual ones like sculpture in willow.
The main activities of API are sharing personal experiences, exchanging opinions on existing forms of art, exploring new trends, organising workshops, visiting exhibitions, taking part in other events related to art.

contacts: apicontacts@gmail.com

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Anne Tsilibaris at Intermezzo

Anne Tsilibaris at Intermezzo (1)

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Carol Youngner at Made in Belgium


24-10 > 26-10-2014

Tour & Taxi

Ave du Port, 86C

1000 Bruxelles

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Amilcar Da Costa takes part in Artisaniere


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API Vernissage Fri 1 March 2014

API has been organizing exhibitions in Brussels for the past 15 years. We welcome all art lovers, from first-time buyers to collectors or just visitors, and introduce them to a carefully selected group of emerging and established artists.

Visitors have the opportunity to meet talented artists working with a variety of media, styles and subjects at a range of prices. The event is taking place in a historical building in park in one of best areas of Brussels.

001 010 (2) 010 018 (2) 020 (2) 020 021 023 (2) 027 (2) 030 (2)




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1-2-3 March API exhibition

API beach flag

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chateaujourdain400Château Jourdain, Kraainem

vernissage 1 March 18h

Practical information
Opening Hours:
Friday 1st March : 18.00 – 21.30 – vernissage
Saturday 2nd March : 10.00 – 19.00
Sunday 3rd March : 10.00 – 19.00

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