Panos Giannopoulos

Anatomy makes us human. Understanding its fundamental principles, its inherited asymmetry and its singular beauty makes us understand who we really are. How light reflects on one’s appearance, how shadows delignate one’s silhouette or how lines form onto one’s grimace is a direct result from this person’s unique anatomy. Thereby making every portrait, presentation and physiognomy one-of-a-kind. This is what I attempt to study with my art, which as a doctor and perfectionist by nature, becomes a lifelong challenging adventure.

Lumière (light, φως) 11-2023

Rêveur (dreamer, ονειροπαρμένος) 02-2021

Le regard (the gaze, το βλέμμα) 05-2020

Pomme d’Adam (Adam’s apple, μήλο του Αδάμ) 04-2020

Le baiser (the kiss, το φιλί) 05-2023

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