Mathioudakis Luciana

Luciana Mathioudakis

Italian and Greek. She is based in Brussels. She studied in Italy foreign languages and history of art with Renato Cevese and Terisio Pignatti at University of Padova Lived and worked in London and Athens.

In Brussels she attended classes with artists like Viviane Cangeloni, Veronique Decoster, Ana Pentcheva, Nikolai Nikolov, and Anne Desobry.

After many years spent using oil paint and pastels, she lately works with beeswax on panel. The technique goes back to ancient Greeks and Romans. The centre of her work is communication in all its shapes, relation between living bodies. The human element is fundamental to her paintings, even more evident when it is absent.

She has an interest in studying the behavior of a crowd in different circumstances. The aim is to express in the pictures sentiments felt during an action, thoughts, dialogue, and communication while a situation is happening.

Walking in Athens

In and out of my life

Hong Kong street market

Rua do Carmo with rain, Lisbon

Walking home

Before social distance 2020

Social distance 2

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