Gaussin Sylviane

In her painting and sculptures, following her emotions, the ’human’ appears. She captures the sensations, the intensity and the splendour but also the decrepitude of it. She glances at the human being with all its contradictions.  Each work is realized to touch the person who is watching it with its own projections, own feelings. Emotions come from everywhere.

Sans titre – Terre cuite patiné – Plâtre
Le désordre – Terre cuite – fils de cuir
Entre deux mondes – Acrylique sur toile- 80 x 80 cm
Vulnerabilité  – Acrylique sur toile -65 x 90 cm
Vision éphémère – Acrylique sur toile – 50 x 70 cm

Fusion – Terre cuite 

Le retour (1) La-pause- La-nuit-nous-appartient- Je me demande ce qui est en train d'arriver à l'humanité... Homme debout De-fil-en-aiguille-

PAINTING – sculpture

The portrait, not being resembling, expresses a state of mind.


– Arts plastiques – St Luc, Bruxelles.

– Arts décoratifs – Institut Ste Marie, Bruxelles

– Regular courses (Painting) with the artists Fabrice Samyn,

François   Jacobs and Ana Pentcheva

– Sculpture with the artist Guy Belhomme

– Graphic artist

Gaussin Sylviane

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