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Alain SMEYERS °1958 Lives and works in Zaventem Education: Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussels – Graphics Alain SMEYERS makes contemporary abstract art. Acrylic on canvas in mixed media, the so called Matter Painting.
It is a form of Abstract Expressionism, a visual language that is highly expressive. A method that releases spontaneous expressions, guided by casual raids and free associations.

The relief-like surface is typical for this movement. This surface is accomplished by adding materials to the paint.
This style is a free, more spontaneous, expressive, short art; a less by reason but more by the gesture defined art.

AlainSMEYERS has been painting since he was ten; from his twelfth he startshisart educationat the Sint-LukasSchool in Brussels.
He makes his most famous paintings and compositions as from the year 2000, when he went to work in a more abstract way, using distinctive materials such as plaster, sand, linen and rope, in which grey and beige tones dominate. Abstract characters always appear in his paintings, such as squares, triangles and distorted letters. This creates a relief that increases the expressiveness and refers to primitive art and rock paintings.

Alain SMEYERS is looking for the original source. Each painting is a journey of discovery.

The simple materials and the desire for freedom is always present in the paintings and give his work existence.

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