Marie-Laurence Leguet-Sikaly

Marie-Laurence Leguet-Sikaly Artist’s name: Ma-Lau

Studio UniVerre

Avenue des Roitelets 15 B2 1950 Kraainem

Born in Saint Aignan (41) France, it’s in Brussels that I grew up. My atypical life course led me in to study, work and live in the United States, France and Germany. My passion for stained glass and mosaic has started twenty years ago at the Audrey Otterbein workshop in Germany. My education continued in the Brussels Pierre Majérus Centre of stained glass and at Patrick De Jager’s workshop in Antwerp. My creations are a mixture of modernity and tradition. According to my inspirations I sometimes use mosaic, lead stained glass, stained glass painting a la grisaille or Tiffany stained glass. My approach is to revisit the sometimes secular arts, to create original objects to integrate them into contemporary interior decor while preserving expertise. My inspiration and themes that I treat are related to my experiences, my readings, my thoughts and influences on an everyday basis. The concepts of movement, composition, volume and color are the heart of my creative process.

I do not cease to be fascinated by the complexity of glass work which requires artistic creativity but also technical skills, rigor, perseverance, method, precision, sensitivity for detailed work… all these qualities which I thrive to develop anew and which I hope show in my work.

With over 20 years of glass work experience I want to share my passion for this extraordinary matter. More than even I also want to transmit my expertise and put my teaching capacities at the service of children, teenager and adults showing interests in glass.

Lampes pebbles

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