Bud Henrietta

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Carte de visite, Brussels 2018









Carte d



Cavisite, Brussels 2018

Henrietta Bud is a sculptor from England. She works in a variety of materials – ranging from wood and stone to steel and ceramic. She enjoys the flexibility of using different materials and the often unexpected ways that they influence the final work.



Stone and wood are IMG_0558afavourite materials and each carving is made, sanded and finished entirely by hand – a slow, careful process reflected in the quality of the work. Subjects are usually rooted in Nature and the human form but it is the ability of a sculpture to communicate an idea or emotion which provides inspiration.
Henrietta attended art schools in London and Brussels where she studied sculpture, drawing and painting. She welcomes commissions.









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One thought on “Bud Henrietta”

  1. Are you the Henrietta Hooper who studied medicine and whom I met in Dorset in the 1980’s when I was doing my GP training? If so, I would love to hear more about your life path and how you got into sculpture.
    I retired as a GP in 2016. In the last two years I have been in a lovely art class with a brilliant tutor and supportive fellow students. We have used a range of media including acrylic, oils and cold-drying clay.
    If you are not that “Henrietta Hooper”, I am sorry to have inflicted this e-mail on you!

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