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Beverley Johnson 1 Beverley J 92f9b9_a28ae62119d84c6d8582defd1b72ef14 - Copy 92f9b9_927938eed77b4fdfa2edb1f99965ca86 - Copy 92f9b9_88f4b407d01645928b7df90bbafb6643 - Copy 92f9b9_54acfd94b5394e0aaab34ae4fd831448 - Copy  Beverley Johnson is a British painter and photographer living in Tervuren, Belgium. Her work focuses on colours, patterns and textures in nature. Over the last three years she has built up a series of photographs of reflections in the lakes in Tervuren Park, showing how they change with the weather and seasons. She

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travels extensively with her family, and many of her photographs and paintings reflect the places she has visited, such as the impenetrable forests of Uganda and Rwanda, washing hanging along the banks of the backwaters in Kerala, India, the glaciers and icebergs of Alaska and Canada, and, most recently, caves and cliffs in Ireland. Her paintings consist of several layers of paint. She starts with loose transparent washes of pale, bright colours, and then gradually builds up layers of thicker paint to give depth. She loves watching the way different marks and colours interact with each other as a painting develops, allowing unexpected combinations to lead the work in new directions. She has studied drawing and painting at BKO art school in Overijse and attended a course in expressive painting at Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland.


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