Debatisse Josiane

Les-couleurs-du-noir-3-techniques-mixtes-sur-toile-(50X50)cm (1) Les-couleurs-du-noir-2-techniques-mixtes-sur-plexis-(50X50)cm (2) Les-couleurs-du-noir-1-techniques-mixes-sur-plexis(50X50)cm




JOSIANE DEBATISSE is born in Rocourt (Belgium) in 1955.
She works mixed techniques on paper, canvas and plexis .
Her willingness to express her feelings through her art, enables her to highlight her passions as music,
volcanoes,oceans, forces of nature and big cities.
Her determination enabled her to expose in more than one hundred places in Belgium, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Sweden, Canada, Hong Kong and in the United-States and participate to numerous honors

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